Dance With Alia is a conscious effort to build knowledge, discussion and thoughtful awareness to the value and vitality of dance in culture.  While the popularity of dance shows has proved the attraction of people to watching dance, Dance With Alia explores why, for what purpose, when (historical influences) and how.  Dance serves not only as a beautiful artform, but as a cultural and historical tool.  Just as one gains “muscle memory” through repetition or emotionally charged experience, so too can stories, traditions and ideology be expressed and preserved through the moving human body.

I am intensely fascinated by this complex dynamic of music and musician, dance and dancer as they are shaped by and shape their history.  As we become more and more globally connected, it is essential to record and investigate the roots of our movements.  It is a part of our human heritage and beauty.  It is how we teach our children: this is where you come from.  It is how we celebrate the variety of human experience.  It is how we glorify and honor amazing artistry.  It is where we learn relationship with our community, our elders and ancestors, romantic partners, dancer and musician, divine and devotee.

Join me as we explore the world, and ourselves, one dance at a time.

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