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Mahin is an Arabic dancer and teacher in Phoenix who taught workshops at Cairo Caravan 2013. She generously offers her knowledge in a free email list “Bellydance Quickies”.

In this excerpt we talk about something really crucial for all of us, the value of failure.  “If we succeed at everything we do, we probably haven’t set the bar high enough”.

In this section, Mahin talks about teaching at Cairo Caravan 2013. Her workshops were Bellydance Geometry and City Girl Country Girl (contrasting Sha’abi and Belladi).

In her teaching, Mahin emphasis strong technique and understanding the music and where it comes from. She explains the importance of making conscious choices when departing from traditional movements associated with the music.
Her degree in Exercise and Wellness has changed how she teaches and her ability to discern what is going right and wrong in her students. She now teaches classes online and has had great success in helping her students with online technology.

Mahin also has a free newsletter “Bellydance Quickies” so go to her website and sign up!

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