“Dancing from the Inside Out”

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Penny Collins and I met up at Cairo Caravan last year after her workshop “Dancing from the Inside Out”. She’s a resident of Julian, California where she dances with Mountain Tribal Gypsy, an American Tribal Style® dance troupe. She talked about her early beginnings in American Tribal Fusion® or ATS® style bellydance that “captivated me in a way that none of the others did.”
“I enjoyed the others. Don’t get me wrong I loved the others (as well) and studied and performed many different other kinds (of dance). But bellydance captivated me in a way that just really kind of surprised me. It took me. It felt like coming home. And I love Tribal. I just began studying classical Egyptian. I want…a well-rounded bellydance experience but Tribal is my first exposure to bellydance and personally I love it because I’m very collaborative in nature. It’s what thrills me. “
Penny elaborated on her love of ATS®style: “I love the mixture, the blend of all of us. We’ve got 11 different women. Yes we do all the same moves but we all execute them slightly different because everyone is slightly different. We’ve got women in our troupe who’ve never danced before and women who’ve danced their entire lives. Our youngest member is 33 and our oldest member is 65.”
“I love the fact that it’s truly magic, it’s dancing in the moment. It’s the collaboration of ATS® that really thrills me personally because that’s something that’s very much at my core. For me, meaningful connection with people is one of my core values.”

Penny talked about being a certified professional life coach and how dancers were the perfect niche as clients. “I love dancers, I love their energy. They’re the people I most enjoy being with.” She loves the community of dancers, and is also an organizational and relationship systems coach.
In a typical session with an individual, she would conduct a “Discovery Session” where you find out what’s important to you and what your goals are. She says that a lot of what coaching is, is accountability. A coach is someone who’s going to support you, help you stay on track, and keep you true to your word.
“Sometimes we have trouble seeing our own answers.” So Penny acts as a resource for dancers to help them find that place that’s real for them.


In the following video, Penny talks about co-creating the Fiber Dance Festival where Mountain Tribal Gypsy combined the “two ancient rhythms of weaving and the fiber arts and bellydance.” They had bellydance and weaving vendors, spinners, and weavers along with llamas, alpacas, bunnies and goats.

It was a delight to get to know Penny Collins on multiple levels.

For her professional coaching services, email penny@dancinginthemoment.net

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