Everywhere and everything is in your heart.

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Bahar Sarah is a teacher who will give you invaluable gifts that simply cannot compare with standard dance class content.
She was one of the few people who replied to my inquiries for dance instruction while planning my trip to Turkey. As it’s rare to find teachers of ‘spiritual dance’ on a bellydance teacher website, I was intrigued. After a few emails we decided to exchange teaching: she would teach me her style of bellydance and I would teach her Bharata Natyam.
What I experienced was beyond technique, beyond steps or even regional style. She started by teaching me Sufi whirling. By going to the left, the Sufis go with the turning of the world. Even as you make a Niet, or an aim, it is not about your ego, but what you want that will not disturb the balance.
Her teachings were profound and perfect for me. I was there to dance, but I was also there to document. It took several minutes of turning before I could let go of the video, let go of my project ‘DanceWithAlia’, let go of what we looked like and simply receive her teaching. And then, like she said, during whirling your mind is empty. She explained that the more you do it, “you get more and more inside; it’s like you’re turning, whirling with the whole universe.”
Bahar transitioned into a spiritual dance where every movement comes from the heart, “heart consciousness…we go down and we go up, down, up, down, up. This connection between heaven and earth, and you are between, you are just a dream, you are nothing else. You’re on this bridge, walking on this bridge, and just being. Just existence. You don’t have to be something special, you don’t have to be great, you are just a dream… This movement, brings you to this feeling, that everywhere and everything is in your heart. All the cosmos is in your heart.”
“So this is the feeling I catch when I’m doing oriental dance, this kind of spirit, this connection and completely open heart. I do this like praying, I keep this connection, my heart is open, I feel everything and then I do connections to different kind of symbols, nature… “
She used metaphors and elements of nature to teach dance, including relating the hip shimmy to the vibration of the atom. “And this brings me to everywhere, this brings me to hope. So this is everywhere it never dies, it’s always here. It’s like never ending movement, never ending soul, never ending life.  This is hope for me.”
Bahar Sarah is an actress, a philosopher, a wise teacher and a lovely dancer who gets her inspiration from nature and the universe. She is a unique beauty that I am privileged to have crossed paths with.


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