“People in the audience feel things through you”

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Meeting Anasma was a true joy for me. She’s a talented and captivating performer that is able to fuse dance styles with grace and mastery. Fortunately for us, she shares her talents through teaching. Having similar passion in bellydance fusion, hip-hop and theatrical performance, I own and love her DVDs Bellydance Hip-Hop: Liquid Fusion and Wave Explosion.

Her diverse background has contributed to her variety of life and dance experience pursuits. She’s ethnically Vietnamese and Tunisian, but has American and French nationality. She has studied bellydance, hip hop, salsa, gymnastics, Flamenco, African, Martial Arts, deRose yoga, theater and business.

Anasma loves to play with narratives and character development with their own set of motivations and worldview. Even when she’s dancing as herself, it’s “Ms. Anasma” who lives between dream and reality. Her other characters include Mujer Fatal, Miss Manganasma, “The Other Prince Charming”, and “The Little Devil”.

In our interview at Tribal Fest in Sebastapol, California, we explore how dance performance can lead to self- exploration. That is, by taking on a character such as a devil, we can learn how to be more accepting of our darkness, negative thoughts and anger. Anasma honors her positivity and acceptance of her own beauty and light, but has now learned to accept the darkness in order to be complete. Concerning the theme of loss, she discussed how the Unmata performance at Tribal Fest touched her deeply and how she’s also worked with that theme. “Its therapeutic, and I think it’s a catharsis to put this on stage, free yourself as a human being and help people in the audience feel things through you. This is the purpose of good art whether its painting, or movies…”

Anasma embraces her diversity in self and artistic choices. She articulates that there are “different ways of saying things and its beautiful to be able to choose from an array. Even through pantomime…we can create magic with things of everyday life which is wonderful. Because you can get your inspiration from everywhere and anybody and any animal and any shape and anything around you…all is one.”

Part 1: Her Self and History


Part 2: Characters and Storytelling


Part 3: Teaching


Anasma now lives in Paris with her husband, close to her mother and sister.
See the following link for her Tribal Fest 2012 performance:

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