Dancer, Mother and Astrophysicist Jatila

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 While she knew she was a dancer at the age of 3, it took years of begging her mother before finally learning the varied dance forms of Ballet, Flamenco, and Bharata Natyam.  She discovered and fell in love with Bulgarian music and dance in the late 90s with Yves Moreau, just a few years before learning Bellydance with Alexandra King.

Jatila is a unique and beautiful dancer who fuses Balkan and bellydance into one captivating flow.  She directs Dzhamala! Ensemble, choreographs for the UCSB Middle East Ensemble, and teaches Physics to University of Santa Barbara students.

As she had captured my attention on the dance floor at Ojai Bellydance Festival, 2012, I availed the opportunity to speak with the lovely Jatila.



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