Ayse Cerami and 9/8 Improv Tribal Fusion

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Ayse and Alia and Tribal Fusion Faire 2011

Ayse and I have both danced with Medianoche Dance Company, just not at the same time.  So I’m happy that I got to know her at the last Tribal Fusion Faire in San Luis Obisbo, CA.  We both share a love for 9/8 rhythms, Turkish dance, Folk dance, Tribal Fusion dance, American Tribal Style (ATS) and Improv Tribal Style (ITS).

Someone needed to expand ITS format into rhythms other than the standard ATS, so thanks to Ayse for rising to the occasion!  With her Turkish roots, she was inspired to use the ever popular and ever satisfying songs in 9/8 time cycle.  She then fused movement vocabulary from ATS, Turkish, Roma and Gypsy to create a beautiful to watch and beautiful to dance new style called Tribal Roma.

Watch the following video where the 9/8 Tribal Roma starts at 06:15.


In our interview, Ayse talks about creating the 9/8 Roma Fusion, learning ballet in her 20s, her love of bellydance and her teachers along the way.



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